Fixed Problems

Below is a loooong list of fixes made to AvaNet

04.06.01Top Hopefully fixed 'dem' abbreviation of !! (was being parsed as ! instead).
04.05.01Top Snoop again! I've now put a check into the send routine to make sure the socket actually exists this time. This should hopefully prevent it just going kaput and killing the server. I've moved all the snoop commands into a SnoopLib too. Makes it simpler to keep track of the components.
20.04.01Top Fixed the Top 20 boards problem where it wasn't actually displaying *anything* ther than on the to 20 godling board. What was happening was that it was incorrectly counting how old the account was (days since logged on).
17.04.01Top Fixed the 'death' problem i must have introduced ages ago. Basically PROCcheckdead() was being checked only if the user had entered something in.
Fixed the 'flared' leave so that it doesn't display the leaves message if you flare up!
10.04.01Top I've changed the prompts used when invisible. I've changed <> to [] to stop Zmud from interpreting these as MXP (Mud Extension Protocol) commands.
23.08.98Top I've fixed the $abc bug where as its not a valid code it would print just 'abc' without the $.
29.11.98Top Well, I think I found the 'invisible users' and 'Ive just logged on and it didn't ask for my details and I appear to be on as someone else' bugs. In the end it was as I suspected, a mismatched variable when you log on.
I have also Totally disabled the 0 create character stuff.
26.11.98Top Well, I think I found and killed the colour bug. Humph, I was forgetting to reset the colour clash flags. Should behave now.
As per Achy's e-mail - AC was temporarily set to allow any adult god to use it (ooer!). Also Fixed.
I'm still looking into the broken socket stuff. Wierd!
Added prompt for when you press enter with no command.
08.11.98Top Fireball amended to gobally detonate! Ahem! Make that the Fireball Message to be displayed globally rather than in zones!
08.11.98Top I -think- I've fixed the command loss problem.
What the new routine has allowed me to do is implement TERM ECHO again! Also TERM REPEAT too.
18.10.98Top Removed the errorbox, "avatar closed down tidily." Was causing reboot problems.
Adjusted system superbackup to closedown and reboot itself rather than re-enter the calling program, which was causing closed socket problems.
(read errors that prevent the system booting!)
12.10.98Top Fixed Top 20 listing (will not display adult gods)
11.10.98Top Fixed Weather grammar problem (it is)
Fixed buffer fill problem in ANSIcol library
PROCANSI_putinblock(line$, length%) - string too long error.
Added FTP start command into SYSTEM command
Added SYSTEM HELP command.
Added test% flag to decide if we should reboot or not.
10.10.98Top Copied new spell (821 silper) into SPELLS file on live.
Added Vick statue (svick1,2,3,4)
Made Avatar autoboot nicely.
09.10.98Top Loaded live copy of !Avatar (from JCC) onto test system.
01.09.98Top De-Zoned Spells
Cannot steal readied items (Whooo!)
Fixed fod targetting when no-one was targetted
IOS Director not display (Directors will not appear on IOS when hinvis)
Fixed annoying feature of time going to something wierd when FNelapsed() and FNcsecelapsed() was fed a negative number!
29.07.98Top Colour bleed in
29.07.98Top Zara - check levels for AA,HD etc...
Blush My fault - I assumed Zara was internal account 2 instead of 4
Corrected all checks!
29.07.98Top AA problem - kills system
email$ was not assigned. Due to PROCLoadSystemJT not being executed
Need to check on character load and saves after lethargy.
07.07.98Top And again!
Snoop now works out the vis level of everyone so you could get on a snoop + Active farsees
Someone is bring watched by Someone, Someone, Someone
Disconnect messages look to be ok too.
Supersafe areas work (or rather, don't!) too.
SNOOP ? help command
19.06.98Top Fixed Snoop -again-!
This time I re-wrote the code to use an array, this makes it simpler to check who is snooping whom by who.
Snoop + now gives a more friendly list of snoops...
Active farsees
Optimist is being watched by Dabhand, Zarabeth
Guest is being watched by Dabhand, Zarabeth
17.06.98Top Changed HD min level to 52.
10.06.98Top AC ME LEVEL wasn't working correctly. Don't know why that GOTO was inserted... Odd!
10.06.98Top Found what was causing that annoying | line in Zmud. It was an ASCII character 1 - Dunno why it was there but it aint now!
10.05.98Top Get all had a slight 'effect' - Getting all when multiple objects were involved caused you to get a random number of those objects leaving the rest on the floor!
(This was part of the original code - when it recursively called DEFPROCtakeall so that multiple people could get all at the same time [we may have to check and see what happens now! {probably ok}])
25.04.98Top Disconnect timer again...
24.04.98Top I think, i've sorted out force! It appears to work now!
24.04.98Top Fixed buglet in DEFPROCquitbye. Manifested itself as logging you off in a ZAP as well as the ZAPee.
24.04.98Top Fixed Disconnect timer (now set to 5 mins)
24.04.98Top Fixed Lethargy timer (didn't set off lethargy)
24.04.98Top Allowed Happy Days to be set by Adult Gods (Limited to between 80% and 120%).
24.04.98Top Changed Honeymonster's account into mine.
Altered all the chairman check levels to include myself and Zara (FNch, FNchzh)
10.04.98Top Colour reversion at end of line :
fxr,fxg,fxp - Added $xxx to EOL
em,dem,say,telepath - Added $xxx to EOL
whisper - Added $xxx to EOL
telepath spells - Added $xxx to EOL
10.04.98Top Snoop not working
Snoop was largely implemented in the assembler output code so when I stopped using it because of interrupt problems (and ethernet SVC mode troubles) it stopped working. Now the output is performed from BASIC via a couple of routines that set up an output block and then use a SYS call to send it.
10.04.98Top Disconnect messages not working
I had to modify the way messages are sent on disconnect so it didn't kill the game when people just disconnected without quitting.
Looks like it works ok.
10.04.98Top Get all not working
This is because you could get all and it would pick up random amounts of objects until there was nothing left.
Unfortunately there is not easy way atm to do this and so get all is set to get everything exclusively for the player who g all'd.
10.04.98Top ' " / not working
I've put a patch (hack) into the input code to look for those commands on the first line and add a space.
10.04.98Top Invisible objects in rooms
Objects with no here description were causing a CR when you entered a room (or farsaw it). I've put in a check to see if the thing is blank and not send anything out at all if it is.