Avatar 3 Hints and tips

To begin with - Click Here for a map of Beeston.

Quick tips for playing Avatar

Useful Abbreviations:

Getting the hang of examining things so you can kill them

Well, its easy to examine objects, E.G. EX SWORD or EX DABHAND and so on. However, what do you do when there's more than one type of the same category of objects?

For example:
Entrance Hall of the Bee Sting Inn
There is a shiny longsword here... dull description, bright sword!
There is a broadsword here.
There is a bronze shortsword here... wonder what it's made of?
Glistening on the ground, a freshly oiled samurai sword awaits its true owner.
There is a lovely swishy whip lying on the ground. You look up and just see Ellie disappearing into the distance smiling smugly!

At this point, you could GET ALL which would pick everything up or GET ALL BROADWORDS which would only pick up the broadswords.
You could GET WEAPONS which is what everything there is collectively called or even GET ALL EXCEPT THE WHIP which would pick everything up except the whip. The same idea applies to monsters.
For example:
In the wilderness there are Baby Hedgehogs and some nasty humanoids. Collectively the Hedgehogs are Bogs and the Humanoids are gogs.
This becomes useful when there is more than one in the same room as you.
You can EX BOGS to get each little hedgehogs name so you can then go and :K monstername and squish it!

The importance of power modifiers

Power modifiers are symbols placed in front of a command which modify the command either in power or the number of times it is executed.
'*' is a modifier as is ':'. When you start playing use the : modifier when fighting, eg:

In the wilderness.
You are in the wilderness, an area of almost total devastation. The bare earth cannot support plant life as the top-soil was long ago blown away. This would not be a good place to be with a strong wind blowing.
There are 5 blue flowers here.
There is a gravestone here. You can dimly make out the letters "RIP" and someone's name written underneath!
There is a small humanoid here preening his fur.
*>k gog
The Magog retaliates against your attack!
You are now putting 20% of your offensive power into attacking Mid.
You are now putting 30% of your offensive power into attacking Mid.
You are now putting 60% of your offensive power into attacking Mid.
You are now putting 80% of your offensive power into attacking Mid.
*>With a mid mighty blow, you mortally wound the Magog!
Your opponent couldn't take any more of your punishment and collapses to the ground dead. The sky flashes with lightning briefly and a tingle of energy courses through you.
Your opponent was worth 25 experience points.
The Master of Assassins appears and says...
"Here is your reward of 40 pots for ridding the Land of evil!"
The Master shimmers and then disappears with an evil chuckle!
You glance down and notice some objects by the corpse.

This fight shows how you modify your attack through power modifiers. The same applies to spells. a :mybdlh is stronger than just a plain mybdlh.

To re-iterate, the :hit or :k is NOT a typo!
You MUST type :HIT or :K for the modifier to work.

If you are a user of ZMud make sure you have the special characters disabled/changed as follows:

zMUD properties window to ensure you use the right settings