Avatar III - Developer's Pages
Created: Saturday, 12th Oct 2019  
by Dabhand
Is it really 2 years since the last update?
Another move of the site and this time a revamp to the developer site!
Created: Friday, 2nd Jun 2017  
by Dabhand
A *very very* long time since the last update!
The only reason why this update is here is i've been moving domains around servers and I wanted to be sure that its still all behaving how I expect it to!

On the Avatar front, its been hard to find time and inclination to do anything - technology moves on and if i want Avatar to work on the newer machines I have here (or even in the cloud) a lot of work needs to be done first.
It's very hard to justify getting the code working when we all know that Text MUDs from the 80s and 90s are not really a thing anymore (what with Warcraft, Overwatch and FPS shooters taking everyone's time).
If you're reading this - stay safe and keep in touch! (Dabhand - dabhand at jgt.me.uk)
Created: Tuesday, 15th Jan 2008  
by Dabhand
A belated Happy New Year to you all!

I'm still here but not really looking at this site much at the moment.

Created: Saturday, 6th Jan 2007  
by Dabhand
New Year and new charts today.
Hopefully I'll be able to do some work this year on this game or at the very least, spruce up the web site.
As always, there's a lot going on and it can be difficult to do anything else other than keep everything running!
Have fun everyone!
Created: Saturday, 7th Jan 2006  
by Dabhand
The charts have been successfully modified to the new database fetch layout. Today it has taken me only 5 minutes to update the charts as opposed the to near 20 minutes it used to take me!
For those who might (possibly) be interested, I now re-scan the chart folder when I do an update and this then produces a new database with the name of each chart item in it. This is what is then queried to create the date list on the past charts page.