Avatar III - Developer's Pages

New Features Added :

31.12.01 Top You may be wondering why the autocharts are not being updated? The reason behind this is that Avatar on the Risc PC becomes very breakable as soon as I try to write this information anywhere else. Bah! Some day I will fix this - although I'm not sure how!
21.12.01 Top New emotion 'cackle'. Thanks go to Bloodlust for that one!
20.12.01 Top Hopefully fixed 'dispell'. Should not display debug information and should *not* dispell 'learn'!
04.05.01 Top Ratlings have now been named! This should make it simpler for players to get the right one in combat.
19.04.01 Top Added DOH as a new emotion.
29.03.01 Top Long time since last update! Much has been happening recently, not least that we've lost JCC as our host. Still, we will hopefully find a new home sooner or later. As we're moving to a new host we are *forced* to use the RiscPC as no-one out there will lend us lines to use. Also the other side of the coin is the RiscPC is much quicker and the system shouldn't get as big a hit as we are polling the input as opposed to being event driven. Hooray!
02.10.99 Top I've added coding for 2 new spells. silper and dispell. silper is SILence PERson as in mute. Dispell will remove a percentage of currently active spells. This can be also cast on monsters as well. Eventually I will allow monster to cast it on players (fx:grins evilly).
28.08.99 Top I've added a small enhancement to the score display system. Under weight carried I've given a % overall weight. You can then see at a glance how overweight you are.
23.08.99 Top I've added a new colour code : $BNL it stand for Begin New Line. It sends a newline out with whatever text you send into the output routine. So if you FSH "Hello$BNLWorld" will display
This will help the eventual move away from formatting the text to 80 characters on room descriptions. Seeing as most terminal emulators auto word-wrap for you its seems pointless for me to do it for you. Of course this will become another terminal option - TERM WRAP <wrapat>|NOWRAP, if its set to wrap, the system will word-wrap for you at whatever you tell it to... However I'll have to save this as another subsiduary file that is read in on load time. (Think array of characters 0-254. One for each account.
18.08.99 Top Re-wrote the input I/O library to use Justin Fletcher's execllent EasySockets. It makes life much simpler and the read line command that was in the earlier version of his library works perfectly! As this module is a module that mutitasks its much better than the basic lib. Its much faster and everything feels much cleaner to handle!
03.03.99 Top I've been busy chopping the server up and installing new drive caddies. We have got 2 spare drives from this! The main server drive seemed to be ok so I've pressed it into service. I've added a new command to the reboot server : STAT. This gives you a list of all sockets used at command issue.
03.01.99 Top After a bit of coding, I've finally made -most- of the errormessages log into abug file rather than putting up an error on screen.
Also, I've managed to add a reboot program to allow remote admin of Avatar (shutdown, startup, reboot and check status), it looks quite nice and will run independantly of avatar so that I can access the machine if Av drops out to the desktop... Not that it ever should! If I was really clever I could shut down avatar, do the superlethargy and start it up without rebooting. There a pros and cons to this approach. The pros are that the hard disk is not re-initialised every day.... Makes it last longer methinks. Con is that the stack tends to get corrupt after a few days and so a reboot is often needed.
Hmm.. I wonder if our latest troubles with the HDD have been caused by this problem? Oh well.
22.11.98 Top Humph I'm totally narked off with FreeFTP... Its causing me no end of grief. So what I've done to fix this is to add a SYSTEM UPDATE Updatename command
What this does is allows me to create a Spark file and copy the contents over the Avatar Program Dir (After saving this copy...).
The only problem is that I've got to load the update to get the update. Sigh!
20.11.98 Top More Charts stuff.
Super Lethagy is now in! It will run daily after 10am
19.11.98 Top HTML Version of the charts will be autoproduced every lethagy.
It can't do last times position as the game reboots every day, I will do something about this later.
14.11.98 Top Adult God sorting and loading onto noticeboard done.
I include all adult gods, regardless of how long its been since they played.
09.11.98 Top Added Adult God Noticeboard
Split out board and sort routines
08.11.98 Top Proc sound removed!
18.10.98 Top Time only displays remaining credit if we are charging or if you are a guest account.
Added Startupcode to !Run to change filetypes...
09.08.98 Top Mute is there now! MUTE target. It will not mute monsters.
Mute prevents : whisper, say, shout
far telepath, far whisper, etc.. are not affected - they does not use your vocal chords!
09.08.98 Top Added Partyfile corruption flag. Hopefully this will show us when the file becomes corrupt.
09.08.98 Top Added FNcheckpflag(player,flag). This allows me to check for different trUE/FALSE settings on a flag. All it does is return the value for that flag.
09.08.98 Top Added Rebuild on reboot code (not much to do really!).
When AvaNet Reboots, it will check its own directory for the existence of a file called Rebuild. If its there, it will rebuild the dicts for Avatar before loading Avanet.
10.06.98 Top AA (accountno or name) email (email address) will now add an e-mail address
09.06.98 Top Ho hum. I've added code to allow Avanet to listen to multiple telnet ports.
Appears to work ok.
10.05.98 Top I've added a flag ChargeGame%. If it is true then accounting info is decremented the longer you play (ie you run out of credit). When its FALSE it does not decrement any more (unless you are a guest).
Also, it now ignores your account - we don't have to set special flags anymore to allow old SV players to play!
09.05.98 Top Time command has had ...time until next lethargy... added for adult gods and higher.
09.05.98 Top New Lethargy messages before lethargy...
Suddenly your limbs tingle as the Power of the Planes crackles!

at about 15 mins
The Power of the Planes groan loudly!

at about 7 mins
The Power of the Planes shudders, shaking you violently!

at about 1 min

This is to aid you when Happy Days is running.

13.04.98 Top Changed HD (Happydays) to adult god command...
HD percent percent yes sets HD.
Adult gods restricted to between 80% and 120% settings.
10.04.98 Top Colour:
This has been added to all output routines (PROCo and PROCoa) and will print colour whenever it gets a correct input sequence.
See the section on colour for more details.