Avatar III - Developer's Pages
Created: Thursday, 24th Dec 1998  
by Dabhand
No update yet. I'm working on trying to stablise the socket error I've found which might be caused by line drops. It usually only manifests itself when the game shuts down and is clearing all the sockets up. It might be a good idea just to not bother closing them!
I'm currently re-writing the error handler, so that it just closes, writes an error log and then reboots the system. This should stop fatal errors and the machine not rebooting.
The most recent crash however, was caused by the secondary hard disk failing. Superbackup tried to access the drive and got a hard disk error which halts the server until someone clicks ok on the console. Sigh. I'll get a new drive and put it into the server asap.
Looks like there's still a problem. I just attempted to log in and the server died. Looks like the test server will be off until after christmas.
Created: Sunday, 29th Nov 1998  
by Dabhand
Hmm. I think I've fixed the 'invisible user' and 'already logged in' bugs. Only testing will tell if I'm right! Have a look at the fixes for the stuff!
Created: Thursday, 26th Nov 1998  
by Dabhand
Well I think I've fixed the colour problem. Was not Resetting the colour clash flags! See latest fixes!
Created: Monday, 23rd Nov 1998  
by Dabhand
After the FTP client going wrong yesterday and messing up, I've added another change!
  • New Update verb - This allows me to load an archive into a directory and then update it from within the main Avatar program.
Created: Sunday, 22nd Nov 1998  
by Dabhand
I've eventually got around to doing several things today:
  • Super Lethargy runs once per day
  • Adult God charts are working
  • Charts Now produce HTML code for easy inclusion to weekly charts
  • Converted Limbo Update news into HTML, Click Here!
Created: Sunday, 8th Nov 1998  
by Dabhand
Finally merged test I/O code into main engine. All appears to be working. Will new have to upload to test server at JCC.
Created: Sunday, 1st Nov 1998  
by Dabhand
I've now completed the initial test stage of the new input output routine. Hopefully this one won't loose commands!.
Created: Wednesday, 14th Oct 1998  
by Dabhand
[Created Developer's Pages] I've finally gone and done it! I've put up a development set of web pages. This is for you people to see what I've been up to (or not as the case may be).