Avatar III - Developer's Pages
Created: Saturday, 7th Jan 2006  
by Dabhand
The charts have been successfully modified to the new database fetch layout. Today it has taken me only 5 minutes to update the charts as opposed the to near 20 minutes it used to take me!
For those who might (possibly) be interested, I now re-scan the chart folder when I do an update and this then produces a new database with the name of each chart item in it. This is what is then queried to create the date list on the past charts page.
Created: Sunday, 1st Jan 2006  
by Dabhand
A Happy New year you you all.
In the next few days (possibly today) I will be switching the charts over to a less labour intensive way of updating it. You should in theory still be able to look at all the charts from a historical standpoint, but by default the site will only show the last 5 months or so.
Hopefully I will also be giving the main Avatar pages a re-vamp as they are looking terribly old! I am also shutting down the 2 e-mail addresses that are deities@avatar.co.uk and avatar@avatardev.co.uk. I am now picking up far too much junk e-mail off from either so you will see the main contact address change. We shall also see if that 'spam poison' icon down there on the bottom left hand side helps any.
Have fun!