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Some Links to places I Like to go to

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Fun, Comics and Thinking

Iiliad's take on the tech (and sometimes surrounding) world.
MT is a comic that i've been following for a while now. There are some awesome pictures in there by Fred 'Piro' Gallagher.
An interesting website promoting critical thinking along with showing some of the "psychic" frauds and flim-flam artists out there.

MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games)

Or should that be 'Paying' games? Hmm.
This is a cute MMORPG. Its pay to play and some of the residents are a little odd, but in cuteness factor it cannot be beaten!
This is yet another MMORPG.
It's somewhere between Ragnarok and Horizons in terms of complexity. Ragnarok has almost no complexity in character (which makes it easy to fire up and do something with), whereas Horizons is very detailed in what you can do for character progression. It will probably have a huge player base as it's Blizzard that is the company behind this.
(Note: The me from 2019 looking at this which was written in around 2004/5 - '...and how!')
It's a MORPG based upon Wizards of the Coast's Dungeon & Dragons™ setting, this time in the land of Eberron™.