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To switch colour on, type TERM COLOUR and to switch it back off again type TERM NOCOLOUR.
Please note that we have a reported problem where it doesn't matter what you set with the TERM command, it doesn't seem to stick when you next log on.
This mechanism has been added to all output routines and will print colour whenever it gets a correct colour sequence.

Colour commands:

General screen attributes:

Three Letter Code Attribute changed
brt Bright
udl Underlined
rev Reversed
xxx Reset to normal
dim Dim (disabled)
bli Blinking (disabled)
hid Hidden (disabled)

Prefix Attributes:

Foreground colours Prefix with f
Background colours Prefix with b

Colour Codes:

Two Letter Code Colour Shown
bk Black
rd Red
gr Green
ye Yellow
bl Blue
mg Magenta
cy Cyan
wh White

How to use these codes:

First, you enter the colour control code '$' which tells Avatar that we are about to use colour.
Next, we decide if it will be an Attribute or colour we are using (either a three letter code or two letter code).
If its an attribute then enter the three letter code (eg BRT for bright).
If its a two letter code, then decide if you are changing the foreground (enter F) or background (enter B) followed by the two letter code for the colour (eg RD for red).
So, to create a white background with red text, you would type: $bwh$frd
There are checks to make sure you can't $bwh$fwh and cause whiteout!
You can use '£' or '$' for the colour control code.
Note: Because this is done at a very basic level, you can add colour just about anywhere - room descriptions, sets, shouts, emotes, etc!