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The Problems List

Problem Description
Line Length We still appear to have problems when strings go over 255 characters (poxy BASIC strings!). I'm reasonably sure that the only way we can sort this problem out is to create a string independant output
(something like an output queue).
Avatar Charts You may be wondering why the autocharts are not being updated?
The reason behind this is that Avatar on the Risc PC becomes very breakable as soon as I try to write this information anywhere else.
Bah! Some day I will fix this - although I'm not sure how!
Power Modifiers :*<>=; stuff, its 1/2 working.
Need to look at stacking commands into buffer when going over room procs.
Multiple Spellbooks Ooer.. Multiple spellbooks! Fill one book with spells, then stash other in locker - spells vanish!
NetTerm Problems $fwh in netterm. (I think netterm doesn't do ANSI colour correctly!)
Sockets Sockets being closed twice cause errors!